Pipeline Span Inspection

The Alaska pipeline becomes difficult to inspect where it crosses rivers. We were tasked to provide two pipeline bridge inspections on this trip. We also were asked to provide some maintenance on the pipeline spans, as well as on a road bridge.

Pipeline span Inspection
Inspecting the Main Cable and Hanger Cables

Our team specializes in difficult climbing inspections and these large pipeline spans are an enjoyable part of the job. While we have never had to perform a rescue, we do plan for them and in this case, we had a boat on the water throughout the over water work.

This is a 1,068' long, three span, steel-cable suspension bridge. The main cable span is 650' long. The two back cable spans are each 209' long. Main cable anchors add 52' on each end of the cable spans, for a total structure length of 1,172'.

Elevation view of the span.

Our climbing inspectors are armed with digital cameras, head lamps, water resistant notebooks, brushes, hammers, paint scrapers and measuring tapes. We typically spend much more time inspecting and recording deficiencies than we do climbing.

Photos and notes
John photographing the Hanger Cable Bracket.