Gas Pipeline Inspection CFR 192.481

Gas pipeline
Pipeline span of 220'

49 CFR requires the inspection of gas pipelines according to specific timeframes and standards. Extreme Access, Inc has inspectors that are Operations Qualified, as well as SPRAT certified. During this project, the objective was to assist the redoubtable Parsons Transportation Group inspect a gas pipeline that crosses a 220' wide and 150' deep canyon.

Canyon walls
Canyon depth of 150'.

We have worked on this particular span before as the high-angle rescue team. Since it is hours from the nearest medical facility, our Safety Plan was more detailed in regard to potential evacuation than normal. In 20 years of roped access work, Extreme Access has not had to activate the Safety Plan Injury Protocol one time. It is the process of making a detailed, site specific safety plan that allows us to identify and remedy the potential dangers before the work starts.

Team at work
Working with the Parsons team is always a pleasure!

Our team was also contracted to review the existing fall protection system. We installed a new Horizontal Lifeline (HLL) and it made a significant difference in the level of safety and access time. After the installation, we provided a detailed installation report for our client.

HLL installed
Newly installed HLL.

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