About Us
Extreme Access, Inc. is an Oregon-based inspection and testing company providing bridge inspection services, geotechnical services, high-angle rescue, and specialized climbing access. We also have an office in Greenleaf, Idaho. For the past 23 years, Extreme Access has been providing our clients with quality inspection and testing services for a wide variety of projects. We also offer maintenance, repair and installation services in areas complicated by difficult access. Our reputation is based on the thoroughness of our work and on the timely completion of projects in a safe and efficient manner. Project owners have included: 13 State DOTs, USACE, US Forest Service, National Park Service, and numerous Municipalities, Public Utility Districts and private engineering firms.

Extreme Access specializes in projects that are complicated by difficult access. Our highly skilled climbing team provides inspection, testing, maintenance, repair and installation services in areas where traditional methods of access are unavailable.


Extreme Access has an exceptional safety record. We have a continuing training program and a stringent safety policy for all personnel. We maintain compliance with OSHA by using industrial climbing equipment. We also utilize OSHA's consultant services when we are unsure of the requirements presented by a particular access problem.

To contact us, please email HeatherH@extremeaccessinc.com